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Combat Caries for ALL Ages!

We're on a mission to combat increasing caries in the adult patients you treat every day.1 This pervasive threat to patient health can be prevented.

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The simplest, most-effective caries prevention tool is fluoride varnish2. You routinely apply it on kids. Why wouldn't you want to extend that same great preventive care to your adult patients, where caries is on the rise?1

Other preventative tools include recommended oral self-care such as brushing more than once a day, use of fluoridated toothpaste, and eating sugary snacks between main meals less than once a day as well as oral health aids such as dental floss, mouth rinses, other tooth cleansing agents.

Children receive great preventive care

Caries is decreasing for Children1

Good preventive care plus fluoride varnish has resulted in a decreasing rate of caries in kids.5

Caries Increase Chart for Children

Adults need more preventive care

92% of US adults have some form of dental decay.4 Nearly a third of US adults have untreated caries.1 The number of adults who could benefit from preventive care treatment is staggering! Let's combat caries for ALL!

Caries Increase Chart for Adults

29.5% of adults 19 to 64 have untreated caries - a 15% increase in just 10 years.

Caries Increase Chart for Seniors

21.8% of adults ages 65+ have untreated caries.

Combatting caries for patients of all ages starts in your practice. Join our Prevention for Life Movement® now!

What Is Prevention for Life

What Is Prevention for Life?

At Centrix, we believe in Prevention for Life—great preventive dentistry that maintains great oral health throughout your patients' lifetimes.

Prevention for Life is our program to help you deliver improved oral health to every patient, based on their individual needs. It is supported by specific informational tools that help a dental office profitably treat ALL patients, at every age, according to their needs, to their risk level – and not limited by their insurance reimbursement. Prevention For Life includes:

  • Patient Self-Assessment Forms

    Patient Self-Assessment forms to be completed by the patient while in the waiting room, this forms helps the patient recognize for themselves that they may be at risk for caries

  • CAMBRA Forms

    (Caries Management By Risk Assessment) is an evidence-based approach to preventing and/or treating dental caries at all stages of your patient's life. Best practices dictate once the dental professional identifies the patient's caries risk level (low, moderate, or high), a therapeutic and/or preventive plan should be implemented.
    Insurance companies have begun reimbursing for adult preventive care BUT they all require the completion of a CAMBRA form; we include the two most popular variations for your convenience. And remember, it wasn't so long ago that sealants were not reimbursed – until the profession submitted so many claims that the insurance companies were 'forced' to change their practices.

  • Practice Health Calculator

    This calculator helps to show how increasing varnish application will increase the practice's financial health while increasing patient's oral health!

  • Prevention Products

    FluoroDose, LolliCaine, Exposé, Champ and D/Sense Crystal are part of the Centrix Prevention lineup. Keep reading for full product information.

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Each stage of life presents its own threats to oral health. Here's how you can combat caries for ALL the patients in your practice. Download our FREE e-book to learn more.

Other effective preventative measures include a good oral self-care program that encourages patients to brush more than once a day, use of fluoridated toothpaste, and reduce eating sugary snacks between main meals (less than once a day) as well as add oral health aids such as dental floss, mouth rinses, other tooth cleansing agents to daily routines.

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Centrix makes combatting adult caries with fluoride varnish as easy as possible. These free resources include the necessary risk forms for both you and your patients.

Download these forms — used by thousands of dental offices

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  1. 1
  2. 2

    Treat with FluoroDose Fluoride Varnish

    5 great-tasting flavors: Caramel, Bubble Gum, Mint, Cherry and Melon

  3. Don't let insurance run your treatment plan. Risk level dictates treatment.

  4. 3

    Submit codes and CAMBRA form to insurance to show why treatment was provided

    • Submit application code (D1206).
    • Submit determined risk code (D0602-moderate, D0603-high).
    • Submit CAMBRA form showing determined risk factors.

  5. 4

    Schedule recall intervals based on patient risk

    • Moderate – Preventative Treatment every 6 months
    (See ADA recommendations11)
    • High – Preventative Treatment 3 to 4 months
    (See ADA recommendations11)

Recall Intervals

The ADA Center for Evidence-Based Dentistry2 has established clinical recommendations for fluoride varnish application based on your patient’s risk for caries. Once you begin a fluoride varnish treatment plan, it’s important to continue scheduling your patients for follow-up and preventive treatment.

Moderate Risk

Preventative Treatment every 6 months

(See ADA recommendations11)

High Risk

Preventative Treatment 3 to 4 months

(See ADA recommendations11)

Patient's risk level for caries, including the ADA-reported Evidence Based Risk Factors

  • Moderate Risk
    Moderate Risk
    Preventative Treatment every 6 months (See ADA recommendations11)
    • Restoration overhangs and open margins
    • Many multi-surface restorations
    • Active orthodontic treatment
    • Chemo or H/N radiation therapy
    • Poor oral hygiene/visible plaque
    • Poor family dental health
    • Developmental or acquired enamel defects
    • Prolonged nursing (bottle or breast)
    • Physical or mental disability with inability or unavailability of performing proper oral health care
    • Low socioeconomic status
    • High titers of cariogenic bacteria
    • Drug/alcohol abuse
    • Cariogenic diet
    • Genetic abnormality of teeth
    • Eating disorders
  • High Risk
    High Risk
    Preventative Treatment 3 to 4 months (See ADA recommendations11)
    • Active caries in previous 24 months
    • Irregular dental care or lack of a dental home
    • Xerostomia (medication, radiation, or disease-induced)
    • Suboptimal fluoride exposure
    • Presence of exposed root surfaces
    • Includes any three (3) items in Moderate Risk section

Combatting caries for patients of all ages starts in your practice. Join our Prevention for Life Movement® now!

Practice Health

For every office, the primary goal is to deliver outstanding health care. It is also necessary that treatment modalities are profitable to adequately support the delivery of great health care. Busy dental offices that recommend fluoride treatments to all of their moderate- to high-risk patients enable both great patient health and great practice health. Fee levels for preventative care that virtually every adult will accept can add hundreds of dollars a day in incremental practice profits. In one year, that can mean a five-figure increase to current revenue.

Sample Calculation

  • An average operatory see 8 patients per day
  • 60% of the patients display moderate to high risk or are under the age of 18
  • Average Fee: (per patient) $25
  • Subtract: typical fluoride varnish cost per application = $1
  • Subtract: cost for application time = $1/1min.
  • Net profit per application = $23
  • Your profit gain per day = $110 per operatory
Calculate your own figures

Your profit per day


per operatory

Use our easy Practice Health Calculator to assess a more optimal pricing approach that increases patient acceptance.

Calculate your own

With 250 working days per year, that's


per operatory

Incremental profit on patients that need preventative oral care! Join the movement, and increase your current revenue

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Fluorodose Fluoride Varnish

FluoroDose® Fluoride Varnish Maintains Patient Oral Health

A simple, yet effective way to maintain oral health for all patients is through the routine application of Centrix FluoroDose. FluoroDose fluoride varnish contains 5% sodium fluoride, the maximum dosage allowed in a convenient, single-use package. For most offices FluoroDose costs less than $1 and only takes 1 extra minute to apply to your adult patients. Submit the CAMBRA risk assessment forms, that indicate adult caries risk, to insurance to show patient threat as well as preventive treatment.

    Here's why you will love FluoroDose:
  • Remains on tooth for 4 to 6 hours for optimum fluoride uptake
  • Application takes less than one minute
  • Unit-dose delivery allows for ease of use and cleanup, ensures asepsis
  • Top Fluoride Varnish 6 years in a row!
Dental Advisor Top Fluoride Varnish Award, 5 years in a row

Dental Advisor Top Award Fluoride Varnish

The ADA considers fluoride varnish to be a safe and efficacious part of a caries prevention program that includes caries diagnosis, risk assessment and regular dental care. In fact, the ADA conducted a systematic review of the effectiveness of topical fluoride and found:1

"The use of supplemental topical fluoride in moderate- and high-caries-risk adults is effective in preventing and/or remineralizing dental caries."
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Champ Pit & Fissure Sealant
Champ Pit & Fissure Sealant

Champ is a bioactive light-activated, pit and fissure sealant that does not require a bonding agent. Champ utilizes a moisture-tolerant chemistry that seals out micro-leakage for a long-lasting sealant. Simply etch, rinse, apply and cure.

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Exposé Caries Indicator
Exposé Caries Indicator

Exposé is the simplest-to-use caries detector available today. Instead of messy squeeze bottles or syringes, Exposé is pre-dried on a Benda® Micro applicator. Simply touch it to a wet tooth surface to apply. No drip or mess that can stain clothing or soft tissue.

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LolliCaine Topical Anesthetic
LolliCaine Topical Anesthetic

LolliCaine topical anesthetic features fast-acting 20% benzocaine gel in a convenient single-use LolliPack® package. The disposable packaging reduces cross-contamination and eliminates the need for cleaning up or wiping down bulky jars. Use wherever topical anesthesia is indicated.

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D/Sense Crystal Dual-Action Crystal Precipitate Desensitizing Gel
D/Sense Crystal Dual-Action Crystal Precipitate Desensitizing Gel

D/Sense Crystal is a one-step, dual-action desensitizer gel and cavity liner that is fast-acting and long-lasting. Calcium oxalate and potassium nitrate crystals penetrate deeply to occlude the tubules and seal the dentin surface with a continuous, acid-resistant complex.

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"Traditionally we provide fluoride varnish to children under the age of 18 as part of caries management but what about adults? Why aren't more adults being offered treatment and when they are being offered treatment, why aren't more accepting it? Educating and presenting the facts will ensure your adult population is part of your caries management program."

- Donna Brogan, RDH, BS

Donna Brogan, RDH, BS

Combatting caries for patients of all ages starts in your practice.

Join our Prevention for Life Movement® now!

Lunch & Learn

Earn 2 Free CE Credits with a Centrix In-office Lunch & Learn

Whether it is an infant battling transmission of Streptococcus mutans from the mother, a stressed college student making poor dietary choices or a senior citizen with exposed roots, each stage of life has its' own set of threats to oral health.

This course will examine those risks and behaviors as they relate to your patient groups by age. You will use evidence-based risk factors to determine who will benefit from what level of intervention and learn to construct patient-centered strategies to affect change.

You will learn about proven practice-based treatments such as fluoride varnish and home fluoride products that the patient/parent can include in their oral health routine.

Learning Objectives:

  1. 1

    Quickly assess the patients’ risk level using an evidence-based protocol for known risk factors

  2. 2

    Effectively communicate the long-term benefits of fluoride varnish as a risk reduction tool

  3. 3

    Provide assessment and treatment with minimal change to your current hygiene appointment

  4. 4

    Establish an office protocol promoting risk assessment as an important part of patient and practice health

Earn 2 CE Credits!

On Demand CE Courses

Prevention for Life: Everyone has a Part to Play

Whatever your role in the office, the goals are the same; happy healthy patients, fulfilled staff and a profitable practice. This webinar will provide you the tools to implement effective and profitable caries risk assessment and treatment for every patient in your practice. After the course, attendees will be able to:

  • Administer easy to use risk assessment tools during both hygiene and restorative appointments
  • Implement comprehensive prevention treatment in all operatories for improved patient outcomes
  • Increase practice revenues through a strong caries prevention program that addresses the needs of all patients, all ages
  • Involve the dentist in risk assessment for better compliance, teamwork and results

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Prevention for Life: Getting Your Patients from Cradle to Dorm Caries Free

This on-demand CE course will examine risks and behaviors as they relate to your patient groups by age, specifically from cradle to dorm. You will use evidence-based risk factors to determine who will benefit from what level of intervention and learn to construct patient-involved strategies that can affect change. Getting to adulthood without decay is attainable, it just takes deliberate action at every age. After the course, attendees will be able to:

  • Identify risk factors for children of all ages
  • Classify patients into low, moderate or high risk category
  • Establish a fluoride varnish recall protocol
  • Recommend home intervention products

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Fluoride Varnish and Risk Assessment Part 1

This webinar is designed to teach you how to quickly assess an individual's risk level and determine if fluoride treatment is indicated. Upon completion of this webinar you will be able to:

  • Explain the advantages of fluoride varnish for your patients as part of your preventive practice
  • Scientifically and systematically assess local and systemic factors that impact caries development in specific populations
  • Establish and implement an evidence based protocol for fluoride use in the dental practice

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Fluoride Varnish and Risk Assessment PART 2: Overcoming Barriers in Your Practice

In this webinar, you will learn a quick and easy method for uncovering the most common evidence-based risk factors that affect your adult patients. You will discover how a majority of your patients, especially adult patients, are likely to benefit from a risk reduction strategy, including varnish. Upon completion of this webinar you will be able to:

  • Treat a new patient group, addressing a significant and emerging health problem
  • Discuss significant oral health issues faced by these patients and provide preventive alternatives that are fast, easy and inexpensive
  • Build a new revenue stream for your practice as you help prevent the devastating affects of an increasing rate of oral disease

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Let’s combat caries together!

Your adult patients have the greatest need and present the greatest opportunity for you to combat caries with Prevention for Life.

Join thousands of dental offices that already joined the Prevention for Life movement!

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